There are a lot of things on your mind when you are moving into a house. You have to make sure that nothing gets lost, the transition into a new house goes smoothly, all the legal matters and contracts are in order and a host of other issues. Amidst all that, it is quite easy to forget about some of the less urgent aspects of moving into a new house, one such as protecting your flooring from any wear and tear or damage.

In this blog, we will be trying to look at a few things you can do to keep your flooring from getting harm done to it when you move into a new house. But before that, there is something to be said about how much value a well-managed, beautiful looking flooring can to your house.

The importance of flooring in the monetary value of a house can never be overlooked. Usually, for a normal sized double story house with 3 to 4 bedrooms, the cost of flooring can comfortably go into tens of thousands of pounds. Not only does that help you financially, but also makes it much easier down the line to sell your house should you ever have the need for it.

Some flooring options, like hardwood, do the above on a bigger scale and other floor coverings, but nevertheless, it is always advisable to keep your flooring in the top shape. Let’s see how you can manage that while moving your things into the house the very first time.

Safety Materials You Can Use


These moving blankets are soft and “strong” at the same time to keep your furniture, appliances and electronics safe from being damaged lest they fall. They also protect other objects and flooring from being scraped when you are bringing the heavy stuff into the house.


Once you have your furniture pieces are in their place, you can try putting felt pads under their legs. They shield your floor taking the full weight of the objects directly and have something in between to dampen the pressure. You can also attempt little movements to adjust the position of heavy objects that have protective pads under them without worrying about damaging the furniture.


These are sheets of hardboard made of wood fibre and can be placed in the high traffic areas in your house to protect the flooring. You can stop after you have settled in completely or continue using Masonite long after.

Ram board

You won’t always have the luxury to roll your furniture in to the house, in those instances, products such as a Ram board come in extremely handy as they create a sort of a buffer your floor and all the sliding your furniture or other objects have to do in order to be moved in their proper places.

How to Go Through the Moving Process Itself

  • Keep your floors clean when you are moving things inside to not let the sand or dirt scrape and damage your floor.
  • Make sure you know how to bring in the bigger objects through doors that not be big enough for a comfortable manoeuvre. You may have to break apart a few things or bring them in using professional equipment.
  • Don’t slide anything on your furniture, always pick things up. Reduce the possibility of damage that is there when you slide stuff on other stuff.
  • You can always use professional help whether it is about moving your things or taking care of flooring. Don’t hesitate to spend some money to save in the long term.

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