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Good Carpet Flooring is always welcome if you want comfort, luxury and peace at your home. Prestige Flooring invites you to explore our vast variety of carpet fitting choices tailored to appeal to every audience.

We cater Carpet Sales & Fitting for all budgets!

Prestige Flooring offers a wide variety of carpets, in various designs and colours, to suit any room in your home and personalise your living space. Carpet is the ideal solution for reducing noise from televisions, computers and other modern sound systems. As well as adding warmth and comfort to your rooms

Carpets are also ideal for reducing slips, falls and cushioning under the feet, which is why it is the right choice for homes where elders or small children may live.

The advantages of carpet flooring are abundant and if maintained properly, our affordable carpets can last for years to come and also save you money on your energy bills during winter by retaining and conserving the warmth in your room.

Carpet Fitting and Installation

Our carpet removal and installation service is carried out by experts who have the right experience and training for this job. Compared to the more traditional roll carpeting, carpet floor tiles are a different type of product. This is why when it comes to carpet installation and fitting, you need the right installers; those who have the required training and adequate experience installing and fitting carpets

If you are someone who also wants to learn how to fit and install a carpet and know more about carpets and their varieties, you can refer to our carpet flooring guides. You can help yourself to more knowledge about carpets and potential DIY projects in the future at your own pace.

We also offer a free quote service when you specify the prerequisites for the flooring you need at your home or office.

What Our Carpet Fitting and Carpet Sales Services Offer

Carpet flooring is used in residential settings as well as commercial settings such as offices. This versatility is a big draw in attracting customers from all demographics and financial statuses. What we do is satisfy the requirements of all our customers in the best possible manner so that we enjoy a long-lasting relationship with you.

We will help you in finding the right carpet choice for the areas you require. We have many ranges for varied budgets and we will guide you in the right direction that suits all needs.

The efficiency and excellence of our carpet fitting process leave no doubt in our clients’ mind that they made the right choice in purchasing from us. We provide carpet fitting service and carpet sales in Burscough, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Maghull, Southport and surrounding areas.

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Which type of carpet should you get?

  • Wool – Natural, traditional and luxurious
  • Polypropylene – Hard wearing, durable and stain resistant
  • Blended fibres – Natural and man made fibres mixed together to give some qualities of both
  • Natural fibres – fantastic texture and hard wearing
We offer a range of high quality carpet brands including:

Carpets Samples

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